Pre-gym workout pot. My first post!!

I usually work out before work in the morning, so a quick snack and a coffee fuels me through until breakfast. This is a culmination of several recipes I’ve used over the past few months. The basic oat, milk and yogurt can be varied depending on season, your favourite fruit, spice, soft fruit is nice mashed into the mix or dried fruit is good too. Ive added a spoonful of raw cacao nibs for a slight chocolate hit.




3tbspn Jumbo Oats
3tbspn of Almond Milk, or dairy milk of your choice
2tspn Chai Seeds
1tbsp Coconut yoghurt
1tspn Honey or your preferred sweetener
Half tspn Cacao Nibs.

Place all ingredients in a jar, bowl of your choice, cover and chill overnight nice with some berries, or a banana for added workout boost.

Pre-gym workout pot. My first post!!